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Baby Headrest

Baby Headrest

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The pillowcase is made of 100% cotton, which is smooth to the touch, cool and breathable

The interior of the pillow uses 5 kinds of dry antibacterial seed shells to help the baby sleep soundly and deeply

The circuit pillowcase has the function of massaging the head, absorbing moisture and being breathable

Easy to clean, wash and disinfect


1 pillow body and 2 pillow pads on both sides, easy to install and remove, and the size can be customized to fit each baby.

The fabric seams are designed with embossed heart/vertical stripes, which is friendly to the skin of newborns

The pillowcase and pillow core are specially designed for easy washing and cleaning by mothers

Obtained FCC, ROHS, CE certificates to ensure user safety


Shaping pillow will help:

Prevent head distortion - Flat neck and back for newborns

Correct head distortion for children aged 0-3 years

Help babies have round heads and balanced development of brain hemispheres

Help stabilize baby's sleeping position, head, neck, back and spine

Help balance the two hemispheres of the brain for even development

Help your baby sleep soundly and neatly

Help your baby keep his head beautiful in the future

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