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3-in-1 Makeup Brush Cleaning Bowl

3-in-1 Makeup Brush Cleaning Bowl

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Revolutionize your brush cleaning routine with our innovative 3-in-1 Makeup Brush Cleaning Bowl.

This versatile tool combines cleaning, drying, and storage capabilities for a comprehensive brush maintenance solution.


Four Texture Designs: Our cleaning bowl is equipped with four texture designs, each specifically crafted to cater to different brush types and sizes. This ensures a thorough and effective cleaning experience, removing all traces of makeup residue and buildup.

Efficient Drying: The unique design of our cleaning bowl allows you to place your brushes upright, enabling them to air dry naturally. By preventing water from seeping into the ferrules, you can maintain the quality and longevity of your brushes. Say goodbye to lengthy drying times and hello to perfectly dry brushes in no time.

Convenient Storage: Once your brushes are clean and dry, our 3-in-1 cleaning bowl doubles as a practical storage rack. Simply place your brushes back into the bowl, keeping them organized, easily accessible, and protected. No more hunting for misplaced brushes or worrying about damage during storage.


  • Streamlined Routine: Our 3-in-1 cleaning bowl simplifies your brush maintenance routine by combining multiple functions into one tool. Say goodbye to separate cleaning, drying, and storage processes, and save valuable time and effort.
  • Impeccable Results: The carefully designed texture options ensure a thorough and deep clean for your brushes, allowing for flawless makeup application every time. Clean brushes also contribute to healthier skin by minimizing the transfer of bacteria and product buildup.
  • Longevity and Versatility: By providing an efficient drying method and proper storage, our cleaning bowl helps extend the lifespan of your brushes. Preserve their shape and performance, and enjoy the versatility of a well-maintained brush collection.


  • Material: TPR+PP
  • Color: Purple
  • Size:


  • 1 * 3-in-1 Makeup Brush Cleaning Bowl
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